Aveda Gift Sets

Aveda Gift Sets: Beautiful, Stylish, Changing the World

At Namaste Aveda salons in Denver we’re happy to partner with our company. Aveda understands that the world is a fragile place; and is dedicated to making a difference. So much so that our company bought almost 2 million sheets of paper that are used to wrap our limited edition gift sets since 2007. This humble endeavor has made a large leap for some of the poorest people in Nepal; even going further to help provide healthier, cleaner drinking water to create a better, happier and healthier environment in Nepal.

Curing Humanity, One Job at a Time

By wrapping our Gift Set Line in the carefully produced, unique and beautiful paper we’ve managed to hire over 5,500 men and women to make paper that provides a way for their families to be able to make ends meet. By our investing in Nepal’s high quality paper, over 2,400 families are able to do more for their families; like buying food, repairing their homes, sending their children to school and saving for the future; as well as providing simple things for their families- making a huge impact on this country.

This handcrafted and beautiful paper is changing life for entire families (men and women, some even in single parent families with multiple children). Now, Fathers don’t have to leave the country to find work, and women can further help support to provide more for the household. This means that children have been able to receive education that might have been previously affordable. All because of this simple Lokta paper bark that has been used for centuries handed down, from family to family; in the time-honored traditions of the ancient ways.

The Very Best Paper You Can Find, the Process

First, the women collect bark from the Lokta bark from small shrubs with their bare hands; working it down, heating it up and cooking into a thick pulpy paste. Next, they are worked through the trough and pressed through screens that are dried and stretched in the sun. The color comes from the dyeing, which is completely natural, and which comes last.

Not only is this paper making such an impact on life for these people; but the Nepali people say that it’s of such strong, acid- free quality that it lasts for over 1,000 years. One of the best parts about it is that not only is it such quality paper but that it’s also great for the environment. After buying the almost 2 million sheets of paper; we’re saving trees- protecting over 34,000 acres of forest to fight climate change, reducing as much as 25 percent of greenhouse gasses that are caused by deforestation.

At Aveda, as we continue to fight poverty with paper; you can purchase our limited edition and very high quality natural products at affordable prices in our exclusive and beautiful gift boxes. This small step to fight poverty has created a prosperous tide in Nepal: Making education accessible and fighting poverty for its people.

You can feel good purchasing these great gifts knowing that you’ve contributed to a very worthy cause. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide where to start looking at this huge global problem of poverty and illiteracy. The important part is to simply take that first step- which is something we did as Namaste Aveda salons in Denver; and we aren’t looking back at all; helping the people of Nepal live better, buying paper for their popular gift lines that feature anything you could imagine: a gift of spa nights, a retreat from stress, a gift of pure invigoration, a gift of smiles; maybe a gift of relief?

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