New Aveda Spa Services in Denver

Exfoliate, don’t irritate

facial at Aveda spa DenverAt our Aveda spa in Denver, radiant skin is the goal of every facial. But the redness and irritation that often accompanies a facial somewhat defeats the purpose. Aveda has come to the rescue with our new Aveda Dual Exfoliation Plant Power Peel.

Radiance without redness

This advanced spa treatment exfoliates through several layers with a gentleness new to the process. Using massage techniques on the face, the scrub and masque remove dead cells without causing the skin to experience the usual irritation.

Its blend of natural ingredients produces results beyond glycolic peels, delivering a radiant complexion without the common irritation that produces redness.

The components

The components work together to remove debris that dulls the surface of your skin, cleanses deeply and protects the skin. First is the scrub that uses a clay base. Called Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner, it starts the process of getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface. The second step is the Outer Peace Exfoliating Pads, which prepares the face for the peel.

This is Aveda’s alternative to the standard 30% glycolic peel. All natural, it does the job without irritating the sensitive skin on a person’s face. The final step is the Outer Peace Cooling Masque, which hydrates the skin and calms it with aloe and alfalfa, giving your skin a new glow.

Three treatments

The series has three treatments. Two are Aveda facials, each 30 minutes long. The third is a full hour in length, during which the face is exfoliated, peeled and resurfaced.

Called Aveda’s answer to micro-dermabrasian, it removes the cells and deep grime that dulls the surface of your skin. It cleanses deeply, letting your skin’s natural radiance shine through. Your skin ends up with a natural protection from the aging effects of the environment and makeup residue.

The exfoliation takes years off, leaving you looking younger, fresher and healthier.

Why facials?

This three-step treatment process is now available at a special price. If you’re a busy mother, harried executive or both, you may wonder how to justify budgeting the minutes and dollars on one facial, let alone three.

Just consider the benefits. You are rewarded multiple ways for your investment of time and money.

Emotional. The pampering is relaxing, giving you feelings of contentment and peace of mind. These you can take with you to counter your busy life.

Anti-aging. You can’t get around it, if you’re a member of the business world, how you look will affect how you are treated by colleagues and management. If you’re a stay at home mom, looking young and vibrant has positive side effects for you, your husband, children and friends.

Better circulation. Treatments promote the healthy circulation of blood to the skin of your face, delivering more oxygen to cells. This in turn helps to keep your skin cells plumped up with water and nutrients, reducing the look of wrinkles and imperfections.

Cleaner skin. The deep cleaning that only a facial can accomplish removes dirt and grease that collects deep down. This reduces the chance of pimples and blackheads forming, a problem at all ages. By opening the pores of the skin, a facial gets rid of dead cells and toxins. This tightens the skin and lets its natural radiance shine through.

You owe it to yourself to try the Dual Exfoliation Plant Power Peel treatment. Relax as trained estheticians at our Aveda spa in Denver gently exfoliate your face for a healthier, better looking you.

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