Fall Beauty And Fashion For Fall 2014 From Your Denver Hair Salon

Hot trends in Beauty and Fashion, Fall 2014

salon Denver beauty and fashion tipsThe cool weather of Fall 2014 is bringing in hot trends in eye makeup, hair styling and healthy eating. And clothes fashions are hot, cold and in between. If it speaks to you, you can rest assured you’ll be in step.

Here’s a run down on a few of the chic-est choices, selected for you by Namaste hair salons in Denver.

Spider lashes

Spider lashes have come crawling back into the mainstream, part of the retro-60s trend and famously worn by super model Twiggy back in the day, Out of place at work or the gym, they they sure add pizzazz and drama for a night out.

It’s not a quickie makeup maneuver, requiring time and several steps to do right. First you pull out the eyelash curler. Then apply your first mascara. Your best choice is one that promises a lengthening look. Your second mascara should be for volume, layering until you get the look you’re after. Then carefully bend your splashy new eyelashes gently at the tips to give them fullness.

Check out the results. It may be just a tad dramatic, but it is arresting.

Here’s a more controlled, but definitely dramatic version.


No question, ponytails are in. Wear them your way, whether it’s just your hair and a clip. Or entwine fabric in it. Try it braided, wear it loose. Pull it up to the top of your head. Make it curl, wear it sleek.

Version Number 1

If you have shorter hair, don’t despair. Just grab what you have, wrap a tie around it and you’re all set.

Version Number 2


Bet you never thought to see cauliflower as one of the hot trends for Fall 2014. But it’s in, for both the followers of the ever popular paleo diet and for vegetarians.

More people then ever are realizing the importance of diet in beautiful skin and hair. Holistic health is super popular, from detoxing to juicing. The tilt towards vegetables is quiet clear.

Nutrient dense, this vegetable makes the substitute if you’re craving mashed potatoes, a no-no on many eating plans. The florets are terrific roasted with cheese, garlic and herbs. Very versatile, this fairly bland vegetable absorbs flavors easily.

Lip smacking Oven Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

Fairytale fashion is HOT this Fall

Looking for the perfect dress for a wedding, holiday party or important get-together? Wear one of the fairy-tale inspired creations that are trending for fall. Cast a spell on your date. Enchant other partygoers. Feel like a princess.

A belt with hearts, lace and beads everywhere, how romantic is this?

Novelty tees

Look in your closet for old t-shirts with eye-catching graphics and slogans. This works best if the shirt has a basic background color. This lets the design, and you, stand out.

This shirt and skirt combo is perfect anywhere: school, shopping, watching football with your fella.


They’re back. You can’t keep a great fashion down. This is the key piece of clothing you need for you fall wardrobe. Pair it with a long sweater or maxi-coat to cover all the fashion bases.

The blue dress and leggings pictured here could go anywhere and be in style. Comfortable and irresistible, it shows off your assets in a low-key and stylish way.



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