Aveda Gift Sets

Aveda Gift Sets: Beautiful, Stylish, Changing the World

At Namaste Aveda salons in Denver we’re happy to partner with our company. Aveda understands that the world is a fragile place; and is dedicated to making a difference. So much so that our company bought almost 2 million sheets of paper that are used to wrap our limited edition gift sets since 2007. This humble endeavor has made a large leap for some of the poorest people in Nepal; even going further to help provide healthier, cleaner drinking water to create a better, happier and healthier environment in Nepal.

Curing Humanity, One Job at a Time

By wrapping our Gift Set Line in the carefully produced, unique and beautiful paper we’ve managed to hire over 5,500 men and women to make paper that provides a way for their families to be able to make ends meet. By our investing in Nepal’s high quality paper, over 2,400 families are able to do more for their families; like buying food, repairing their homes, sending their children to school and saving for the future; as well as providing simple things for their families- making a huge impact on this country.

This handcrafted and beautiful paper is changing life for entire families (men and women, some even in single parent families with multiple children). Now, Fathers don’t have to leave the country to find work, and women can further help support to provide more for the household. This means that children have been able to receive education that might have been previously affordable. All because of this simple Lokta paper bark that has been used for centuries handed down, from family to family; in the time-honored traditions of the ancient ways.

The Very Best Paper You Can Find, the Process

First, the women collect bark from the Lokta bark from small shrubs with their bare hands; working it down, heating it up and cooking into a thick pulpy paste. Next, they are worked through the trough and pressed through screens that are dried and stretched in the sun. The color comes from the dyeing, which is completely natural, and which comes last.

Not only is this paper making such an impact on life for these people; but the Nepali people say that it’s of such strong, acid- free quality that it lasts for over 1,000 years. One of the best parts about it is that not only is it such quality paper but that it’s also great for the environment. After buying the almost 2 million sheets of paper; we’re saving trees- protecting over 34,000 acres of forest to fight climate change, reducing as much as 25 percent of greenhouse gasses that are caused by deforestation.

At Aveda, as we continue to fight poverty with paper; you can purchase our limited edition and very high quality natural products at affordable prices in our exclusive and beautiful gift boxes. This small step to fight poverty has created a prosperous tide in Nepal: Making education accessible and fighting poverty for its people.

You can feel good purchasing these great gifts knowing that you’ve contributed to a very worthy cause. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide where to start looking at this huge global problem of poverty and illiteracy. The important part is to simply take that first step- which is something we did as Namaste Aveda salons in Denver; and we aren’t looking back at all; helping the people of Nepal live better, buying paper for their popular gift lines that feature anything you could imagine: a gift of spa nights, a retreat from stress, a gift of pure invigoration, a gift of smiles; maybe a gift of relief?

On Redheads and the Dodo Bird

Are Redheads Really Going Extinct?hair salons in Denver

At our Namaste hair salons in Denver, we offer a variety of hair care services including coloring, styling, design and botanical hair therapy treatments. We get a lot of clients with different hair colors – both natural and dyed.

So we were curious when some recent research came out that the redhead gene may be going extinct! Are Nicole Kidman, Kate Mara and Sissy Spacek, to say nothing of Conan O’Brien, to go the way of the dodo bird? Are redheads doomed by climate change? So say a group of scientists studying the effect of global warming on genes and human evolution.

With the changing climate worldwide, the gene that causes red hair, MC1R on chromosome 16 to be exact, might have outlived its usefulness. Weather changes will mean either more cloudiness or less cloudiness, both of which would have a significant effect on the usefulness of this gene in human evolution.

The origins of redheads

The theory is that centuries ago in northern climates, this gene became more prominent to because it helped people get more Vitamin D. Red hair goes with lighter skin. The lighter the skin, the easier it is for the human body to absorb the vitamin D from sunlight. This is why, it is believed, that redheads are commonly found in Scotland, Wales, northern England, Ireland and Germany.

Suspect study

But the research isn’t conclusive and scientists aren’t in agreement with each other. The recent spate of new stories about redhead extinction created a flurry of interest, but it has been further reported that the original study was done by the Oxford Hair Foundation, funded by hair dye giant Proctor and Gamble. Some scientists are claiming the research is highly suspect.

The 40 million redheads worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief.

Myths and facts

Redheads are famous in literature for their high spirits and blazing furies. Sometimes known as carrot tops or gingers, they have been treated as special throughout the ages. The ancient Romans even charged more for redheaded slaves.

Though challenged by redheads themselves, certain myths have grown up around them, including:

  • they are unlucky
  • bees sting them more often
  • they are hybrids of the couplings of aliens and early humans

There is no need for myths, the facts about redheads are interesting enough. Did you know:

  • They are more prone to skin cancer. Their light skin makes them extremely susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.
  • They are more sensitive to physical pain, especially extremes of hot and cold. As a rule, in surgery they require about one-fifth more anesthesia than people with another color of hair.
  • They make their own Vitamin D when exposed to conditions with low levels of light.
  • Those who also have blue eyes are part of a very select group. This is the most rare combination of hair and eye colors among humans, about 1% of the population.

Hair differences

Natural red hair has its own characteristics, quite distinct from other colors. Stylists have long known that it is harder to dye the hair of a redhead than it is a blonde or brunette.

Redheads have fewer strands of hair on their heads, though each is thicker to compensate. Red hair doesn’t simply go grey. Instead it fades slowly to a shade of rose and finally to silver or white. So relax redheads, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Aveda makes special products for red heads. It’s called the Madder Root Shampoo and Madder Root Conditioner. The fun name aside, it keeps your red highlights around for much longer. Speak with your stylist for more information.

New Aveda Spa Services in Denver

Exfoliate, don’t irritate

facial at Aveda spa DenverAt our Aveda spa in Denver, radiant skin is the goal of every facial. But the redness and irritation that often accompanies a facial somewhat defeats the purpose. Aveda has come to the rescue with our new Aveda Dual Exfoliation Plant Power Peel.

Radiance without redness

This advanced spa treatment exfoliates through several layers with a gentleness new to the process. Using massage techniques on the face, the scrub and masque remove dead cells without causing the skin to experience the usual irritation.

Its blend of natural ingredients produces results beyond glycolic peels, delivering a radiant complexion without the common irritation that produces redness.

The components

The components work together to remove debris that dulls the surface of your skin, cleanses deeply and protects the skin. First is the scrub that uses a clay base. Called Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner, it starts the process of getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface. The second step is the Outer Peace Exfoliating Pads, which prepares the face for the peel.

This is Aveda’s alternative to the standard 30% glycolic peel. All natural, it does the job without irritating the sensitive skin on a person’s face. The final step is the Outer Peace Cooling Masque, which hydrates the skin and calms it with aloe and alfalfa, giving your skin a new glow.

Three treatments

The series has three treatments. Two are Aveda facials, each 30 minutes long. The third is a full hour in length, during which the face is exfoliated, peeled and resurfaced.

Called Aveda’s answer to micro-dermabrasian, it removes the cells and deep grime that dulls the surface of your skin. It cleanses deeply, letting your skin’s natural radiance shine through. Your skin ends up with a natural protection from the aging effects of the environment and makeup residue.

The exfoliation takes years off, leaving you looking younger, fresher and healthier.

Why facials?

This three-step treatment process is now available at a special price. If you’re a busy mother, harried executive or both, you may wonder how to justify budgeting the minutes and dollars on one facial, let alone three.

Just consider the benefits. You are rewarded multiple ways for your investment of time and money.

Emotional. The pampering is relaxing, giving you feelings of contentment and peace of mind. These you can take with you to counter your busy life.

Anti-aging. You can’t get around it, if you’re a member of the business world, how you look will affect how you are treated by colleagues and management. If you’re a stay at home mom, looking young and vibrant has positive side effects for you, your husband, children and friends.

Better circulation. Treatments promote the healthy circulation of blood to the skin of your face, delivering more oxygen to cells. This in turn helps to keep your skin cells plumped up with water and nutrients, reducing the look of wrinkles and imperfections.

Cleaner skin. The deep cleaning that only a facial can accomplish removes dirt and grease that collects deep down. This reduces the chance of pimples and blackheads forming, a problem at all ages. By opening the pores of the skin, a facial gets rid of dead cells and toxins. This tightens the skin and lets its natural radiance shine through.

You owe it to yourself to try the Dual Exfoliation Plant Power Peel treatment. Relax as trained estheticians at our Aveda spa in Denver gently exfoliate your face for a healthier, better looking you.

Fall Beauty And Fashion For Fall 2014 From Your Denver Hair Salon

Hot trends in Beauty and Fashion, Fall 2014

salon Denver beauty and fashion tipsThe cool weather of Fall 2014 is bringing in hot trends in eye makeup, hair styling and healthy eating. And clothes fashions are hot, cold and in between. If it speaks to you, you can rest assured you’ll be in step.

Here’s a run down on a few of the chic-est choices, selected for you by Namaste hair salons in Denver.

Spider lashes

Spider lashes have come crawling back into the mainstream, part of the retro-60s trend and famously worn by super model Twiggy back in the day, Out of place at work or the gym, they they sure add pizzazz and drama for a night out.

It’s not a quickie makeup maneuver, requiring time and several steps to do right. First you pull out the eyelash curler. Then apply your first mascara. Your best choice is one that promises a lengthening look. Your second mascara should be for volume, layering until you get the look you’re after. Then carefully bend your splashy new eyelashes gently at the tips to give them fullness.

Check out the results. It may be just a tad dramatic, but it is arresting.

Here’s a more controlled, but definitely dramatic version.


No question, ponytails are in. Wear them your way, whether it’s just your hair and a clip. Or entwine fabric in it. Try it braided, wear it loose. Pull it up to the top of your head. Make it curl, wear it sleek.

Version Number 1

If you have shorter hair, don’t despair. Just grab what you have, wrap a tie around it and you’re all set.

Version Number 2


Bet you never thought to see cauliflower as one of the hot trends for Fall 2014. But it’s in, for both the followers of the ever popular paleo diet and for vegetarians.

More people then ever are realizing the importance of diet in beautiful skin and hair. Holistic health is super popular, from detoxing to juicing. The tilt towards vegetables is quiet clear.

Nutrient dense, this vegetable makes the substitute if you’re craving mashed potatoes, a no-no on many eating plans. The florets are terrific roasted with cheese, garlic and herbs. Very versatile, this fairly bland vegetable absorbs flavors easily.

Lip smacking Oven Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

Fairytale fashion is HOT this Fall

Looking for the perfect dress for a wedding, holiday party or important get-together? Wear one of the fairy-tale inspired creations that are trending for fall. Cast a spell on your date. Enchant other partygoers. Feel like a princess.

A belt with hearts, lace and beads everywhere, how romantic is this?

Novelty tees

Look in your closet for old t-shirts with eye-catching graphics and slogans. This works best if the shirt has a basic background color. This lets the design, and you, stand out.

This shirt and skirt combo is perfect anywhere: school, shopping, watching football with your fella.


They’re back. You can’t keep a great fashion down. This is the key piece of clothing you need for you fall wardrobe. Pair it with a long sweater or maxi-coat to cover all the fashion bases.

The blue dress and leggings pictured here could go anywhere and be in style. Comfortable and irresistible, it shows off your assets in a low-key and stylish way.


Green Alternatives for Cleaning Your Home

green living tips from Aveda salons DenverAre Conventional Cleaners Safe? Looking at Green Alternatives

At Namaste Aveda Salons in Denver we’ve always been a leader in introducing green alternatives in beauty care long before “going green” was all the rage. Nowadays many people are consciously making choices to move towards a more natural and holistic lifestyle. We don’t think it’s just a fad but believe it is here to stay.

While using natural products and methods for skin care is great, what about your home? Particularly when it comes to the products you use to clean your home.

Home cleaning products sold in the grocery store are made to get the job done. Scientists have created liquids, powders, gels and sprays that remove stains, get out grease, kill germs, bleach out discolorations, eliminate pests and unclog drains.

The cost of clean

They make our lives easier, but it comes with a price. Many of the chemicals used are toxic and the effects can be cumulative. Exposure to harsh pesticides and chemicals routinely found in products around the home has been implicated in a number of health problems. These include:

  • increased risk, a whopping 650%, of childhood leukemia from exposure to harmful chemicals
  • higher incidences of bronchitis, asthma and other diseases of the lung from inhaling vapors
  • mild eye burn, indicated by a watery or painful sensation from harsh ingredients
  • skin rashes and burns from chemicals or from allergies
  • poisoning from the effects on the skin to extended contact toxic ingredients

Make it yourself

Our foremothers made all of their own cleaning products out of ingredients found around the house and farm and out in nature. Buying store-bought gradually replaced this practice, both because of convenience and because chemical based products often worked better and more quickly.

But over the last few decades, with the growing concern about damage to the environment, more householders have returned to recipes for natural products. By sharing information and results, the old recipes have been improved upon. Many do as good a job or better than store bought products.

Other advantages to making your own, include:

  • they often cost less
  • most are safer and all are non-toxic
  • you know exactly what is in each cleaner you use
  • many are gentler on countertops, stovetops and other furnishings

Three effective home cleaners

There are a host of recipes for homemade cleaners online and in the library. Here are three basics that every home should stock.

An all-purpose cleaner does just what its name suggests. It works on just about any type of dirt or grime around your home, whether it is on wood, fabric, linoleum, stainless steel or glass. Mix a half cup of vinegar with one quarter cup of baking soda with half a gallon of water. Put in a spray bottle for use in bathrooms, kitchens and the laundry room.

Coffee and tea stains can be particularly hard to get out. Try this formula: two cups of water and one quarter cup of vinegar. Put into a tea kettle or coffeepot, bring to a boil and let it sit for one hour. Just wipe with a cloth. For teacups, simply pour it into the cup and let it sit for two hours, then wash in soap and water.

Save money with this safe alternative to grocery store dishwasher powder or gel. Simply mix borax and washing soda in equal amounts. It is effective and much less expensive.

These three are just to get you started. There are an amazing number of time-tested recipes online for all types of cleaners. Experimenting with them is worth your time and energy. You will help the health of your family and save money at the same time.