Green Alternatives for Cleaning Your Home

green living tips from Aveda salons DenverAre Conventional Cleaners Safe? Looking at Green Alternatives

At Namaste Aveda Salons in Denver we’ve always been a leader in introducing green alternatives in beauty care long before “going green” was all the rage. Nowadays many people are consciously making choices to move towards a more natural and holistic lifestyle. We don’t think it’s just a fad but believe it is here to stay.

While using natural products and methods for skin care is great, what about your home? Particularly when it comes to the products you use to clean your home.

Home cleaning products sold in the grocery store are made to get the job done. Scientists have created liquids, powders, gels and sprays that remove stains, get out grease, kill germs, bleach out discolorations, eliminate pests and unclog drains.

The cost of clean

They make our lives easier, but it comes with a price. Many of the chemicals used are toxic and the effects can be cumulative. Exposure to harsh pesticides and chemicals routinely found in products around the home has been implicated in a number of health problems. These include:

  • increased risk, a whopping 650%, of childhood leukemia from exposure to harmful chemicals
  • higher incidences of bronchitis, asthma and other diseases of the lung from inhaling vapors
  • mild eye burn, indicated by a watery or painful sensation from harsh ingredients
  • skin rashes and burns from chemicals or from allergies
  • poisoning from the effects on the skin to extended contact toxic ingredients

Make it yourself

Our foremothers made all of their own cleaning products out of ingredients found around the house and farm and out in nature. Buying store-bought gradually replaced this practice, both because of convenience and because chemical based products often worked better and more quickly.

But over the last few decades, with the growing concern about damage to the environment, more householders have returned to recipes for natural products. By sharing information and results, the old recipes have been improved upon. Many do as good a job or better than store bought products.

Other advantages to making your own, include:

  • they often cost less
  • most are safer and all are non-toxic
  • you know exactly what is in each cleaner you use
  • many are gentler on countertops, stovetops and other furnishings

Three effective home cleaners

There are a host of recipes for homemade cleaners online and in the library. Here are three basics that every home should stock.

An all-purpose cleaner does just what its name suggests. It works on just about any type of dirt or grime around your home, whether it is on wood, fabric, linoleum, stainless steel or glass. Mix a half cup of vinegar with one quarter cup of baking soda with half a gallon of water. Put in a spray bottle for use in bathrooms, kitchens and the laundry room.

Coffee and tea stains can be particularly hard to get out. Try this formula: two cups of water and one quarter cup of vinegar. Put into a tea kettle or coffeepot, bring to a boil and let it sit for one hour. Just wipe with a cloth. For teacups, simply pour it into the cup and let it sit for two hours, then wash in soap and water.

Save money with this safe alternative to grocery store dishwasher powder or gel. Simply mix borax and washing soda in equal amounts. It is effective and much less expensive.

These three are just to get you started. There are an amazing number of time-tested recipes online for all types of cleaners. Experimenting with them is worth your time and energy. You will help the health of your family and save money at the same time.

More about our Denver hair salon locations

Since our first Namaste Denver hair salon facility opened in 1993, we have done our best to provide a welcoming environment for our clients with focus on personal attention to detail. Over the past 20+ years, we have opened additional locations in the area, all of which are committed to offering quality, personal service in an environment that is dedicated to bringing out the best in our staff members and guests. By exploring the options that are available at these locations, you will certainly find one that is convenient to your needs.

Capitol Hill – Our 9th Ave location has been a part of the community since the mid 70’s and has always served as a neighborhood gathering place, first as a unisex barbershop and today, as Namaste An Aveda Concept Salon. It is small in size, having earned the name “little shop on Capitol Hill” but it certainly is not small on options. When you enter our Capitol Hill location, you will find plenty of personalized support, with eight hair stylists, two guest services employees and a flourishing Aveda store.

Downtown – The downtown location is found in Denver’s Baker District, directly across the street from the Mayan Theater. As is the case in all of our salons, Namaste on Broadway is designed to bring out the best, both in our hair stylists and in our guests. With more than 30 members, who offer a wide variety of haircuts and personal spa services, you will leave our Downtown location better then when you arrive. We also offer a full range of facial and massage services at this Denver location.

Namaste Training Studio – When you find our Downtown location, you will also find Namaste Training Studio. Located next door to Namaste on Broadway, this location is an advanced Aveda training salon, which attracts licensed cosmetologists who want to expand on their expertise. In fact, the ongoing training and education of our staff has always been an important part of our business, since we opened our first location more than 20 years ago. Select licensed hair stylists will spend 6 months at this location, honing their hair cutting and coloring techniques and learning to create the ultimate Aveda guest experience for all of our clients.

Call or visit one of our Denver hair salons to experience the best Aveda has to offer!

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Namaste Pure Design Salons is holding an Open House on June 1st from 6:00-8:00pm at our Broadway location – 131 Broadway

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Salon Today Lists Namaste Salons and Spas Among Fastest Growing Salons In The U.S.

Industry magazine praises top salon and spa, partnered with holistic products retailer Aveda, for its persistent business growth

Denver, Colorado — May 5, 2014 — Leading magazine Salon Today recently named Namaste Salons and Spas among the top hair salons in U.S. for the third year in a row. In a featured article, the magazine recognizes Namaste Salons and Spas for their significant profits and continual growth. In past years, Namaste Salon and Spa has also been honored for growth, best technology use, and exemplary recruitment and training.

“This year, our Growth honorees grew at rates of 11.2 percent and higher, with a median growth rate of 23.6 percent between 2011 and 2012,” Salon Today writes. Growing businesses — and sustaining that growth — takes dedication and strong leadership. “From motivating and coaching staff to designing sales-inspiring promotions to creating fresh services and techniques, owners must constantly strive to be at the top of their game to attract new clients while keeping the loyal patrons coming back,” the publication continues.

This is not the only honor that Namaste Salons, some of the top salons in Denver and in the U.S., have achieved. Our Front magazine honored Namaste as Readers’ Choice several years in a row; local Channel 7 also named the hair salon to Denver’s A List in 2008.

Hindu principles, namely the religion’s focus on lifelong education, continue to inspire Namaste Founder Rick Van De Riet. For that reason, Van De Riet encourages all of his employees to learn as much about modern salon and spa techniques as possible. Stylists and staff members continually attend workshops and trainings to learn how to better serve customers. Namaste hair salons are dedicated to providing each guest with a one-on-one consultation about their wishes and advice on maintaining hairstyles at home, if desired. Van De Riet carefully chose the name Namaste, which translates to “I honor the divine in you.” Namaste’s founder and staff combine their skills and expertise to honor each guest.

About Namaste Salons and Spas
All Namaste staff members are focused on providing hair cuts and salon experiences that leave men and women feeling better than when they arrived. The three Namaste Salons and Spa in Denver, CO are aligned with Aveda and its holistic corporate mission of global wellness and community.

Namaste Salons and Spas are located at 131 Broadway, 129 Broadway, and 1019 E 9th Avenue in Denver, Colorado. For more information, call 303-777-5914, visit, or email

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Fashion Experts:

Aveda salonsJared Leto made a lot of headlines this Oscars season — and not for the reasons you would expect. The number one reason magazines plastered Leto’s face on their covers was not to discuss his career or acting ability; it was to show off his hair. Leto stepped onto the red carpet on Oscar Sunday debuting perfectly styled ombre locks. Here are the latest hair trends inspired by celebrities’ Oscar Night looks:

It’s All About Ombre

A growing number of celebrities (and soon your friends, too!) are favoring ombre hairstyles — or, in other words, showing up at hair salons and asking for dark base shades that slowly and naturally fade into brighter and livelier colors. “According to his stylist Chase Kusero, Leto has been growing out an ombre dye job for several years. If you’re in the same, dedicated boat — ideal. But if not then this is easy to fake,” Cosmopolitan writes. Jessica Biel, Whitney Port, Amber Heard, and Olivia Wilde also sport masterfully styled ombre haircuts. Cosmo recommends finishing off the look with a high-gloss serum. Choose quality products sold by high-end salons and spas, such as Aveda salons.

The Pixie Cut Holds Its Ground

Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron made it perfectly clear: pixie cuts are here to stay. Lawrence and Theron both chose to style their locks in a sleek, swept back fashion. Use hair products to add texture or volume and quickly step up pixie cuts. “The pixie cut is perfect for those with small faces, striking eyes, and high cheekbones,” adds.

Styled Bobs Make Their First Appearances

Short and styled bobs are also starting to edge their way onto the scene. Taylor Swift famously rocked the look at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Bobs with some waves and texture are especially in right now.

On Oscar Sunday, celebrities not-so-subtly showed us how it’s done. Expect to see friends with ombre styles, daring pixie cuts, and texturized bobs — or head to Aveda salons to get one of the trendiest new looks yourself.