Salon Today Lists Namaste Salons and Spas Among Fastest Growing Salons In The U.S.

Industry magazine praises top salon and spa, partnered with holistic products retailer Aveda, for its persistent business growth

Denver, Colorado — May 5, 2014 — Leading magazine Salon Today recently named Namaste Salons and Spas among the top hair salons in U.S. for the third year in a row. In a featured article, the magazine recognizes Namaste Salons and Spas for their significant profits and continual growth. In past years, Namaste Salon and Spa has also been honored for growth, best technology use, and exemplary recruitment and training.

“This year, our Growth honorees grew at rates of 11.2 percent and higher, with a median growth rate of 23.6 percent between 2011 and 2012,” Salon Today writes. Growing businesses — and sustaining that growth — takes dedication and strong leadership. “From motivating and coaching staff to designing sales-inspiring promotions to creating fresh services and techniques, owners must constantly strive to be at the top of their game to attract new clients while keeping the loyal patrons coming back,” the publication continues.

This is not the only honor that Namaste Salons, some of the top salons in Denver and in the U.S., have achieved. Our Front magazine honored Namaste as Readers’ Choice several years in a row; local Channel 7 also named the hair salon to Denver’s A List in 2008.

Hindu principles, namely the religion’s focus on lifelong education, continue to inspire Namaste Founder Rick Van De Riet. For that reason, Van De Riet encourages all of his employees to learn as much about modern salon and spa techniques as possible. Stylists and staff members continually attend workshops and trainings to learn how to better serve customers. Namaste hair salons are dedicated to providing each guest with a one-on-one consultation about their wishes and advice on maintaining hairstyles at home, if desired. Van De Riet carefully chose the name Namaste, which translates to “I honor the divine in you.” Namaste’s founder and staff combine their skills and expertise to honor each guest.

About Namaste Salons and Spas
All Namaste staff members are focused on providing hair cuts and salon experiences that leave men and women feeling better than when they arrived. The three Namaste Salons and Spa in Denver, CO are aligned with Aveda and its holistic corporate mission of global wellness and community.

Namaste Salons and Spas are located at 131 Broadway, 129 Broadway, and 1019 E 9th Avenue in Denver, Colorado. For more information, call 303-777-5914, visit, or email

Contact Name: Rick Van De Riet
Title: Founder
Company Name: Namaste Salons and Spas
Company Phone Number: 303-777-5914
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Fashion Experts:

Aveda salonsJared Leto made a lot of headlines this Oscars season — and not for the reasons you would expect. The number one reason magazines plastered Leto’s face on their covers was not to discuss his career or acting ability; it was to show off his hair. Leto stepped onto the red carpet on Oscar Sunday debuting perfectly styled ombre locks. Here are the latest hair trends inspired by celebrities’ Oscar Night looks:

It’s All About Ombre

A growing number of celebrities (and soon your friends, too!) are favoring ombre hairstyles — or, in other words, showing up at hair salons and asking for dark base shades that slowly and naturally fade into brighter and livelier colors. “According to his stylist Chase Kusero, Leto has been growing out an ombre dye job for several years. If you’re in the same, dedicated boat — ideal. But if not then this is easy to fake,” Cosmopolitan writes. Jessica Biel, Whitney Port, Amber Heard, and Olivia Wilde also sport masterfully styled ombre haircuts. Cosmo recommends finishing off the look with a high-gloss serum. Choose quality products sold by high-end salons and spas, such as Aveda salons.

The Pixie Cut Holds Its Ground

Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron made it perfectly clear: pixie cuts are here to stay. Lawrence and Theron both chose to style their locks in a sleek, swept back fashion. Use hair products to add texture or volume and quickly step up pixie cuts. “The pixie cut is perfect for those with small faces, striking eyes, and high cheekbones,” adds.

Styled Bobs Make Their First Appearances

Short and styled bobs are also starting to edge their way onto the scene. Taylor Swift famously rocked the look at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Bobs with some waves and texture are especially in right now.

On Oscar Sunday, celebrities not-so-subtly showed us how it’s done. Expect to see friends with ombre styles, daring pixie cuts, and texturized bobs — or head to Aveda salons to get one of the trendiest new looks yourself.

Stars Show Off Hottest Hair Trends on the Red Carpet

Woman with Beautifull Hair

Having trouble deciding on how to cut and style your hair? Get some inspiration from the hottest Oscars hair trends. Celebrities walked the red carpet, sporting a wide range of styles — from loose, laid back curls to short and trendy pixie cuts.

Loose, Side-Swept Curls

One of the most popular hair dos at the Oscars was easily loose, flowing curls. Many stars also swept the curls off to one side for a slightly more distinctive look. Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel, Julie Delpy, and Miranda Kerr were just a few celebrities who opted for this glamorous yet relaxed look.

The best haircuts for sporting this particular look are long locks — or sometimes medium-length hair. Maintain long styles with relatively frequent trims. “Every eight to 12 weeks, ask your stylist to take off the minimum necessary to eliminate split end,” suggests. “Getting rid of split ends reduces hair breakage, and breakage is what makes hair look thinner at the ends (and shorter),” hairstylist Matt Fugate tells O Magazine. Use hair products, such as Aveda curl-enhancing and styling products, to keep styles looking as fresh and sophisticated as the day you left the hair salon.

Short Pixie Cuts Still In
Daringly short styles, such as the ever-popular pixie cut, also made waves at the recent Oscars ceremony. Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway are three stars to recently rock short haircuts. “Nothing enhances a beautiful bone structure more than a cute short haircut. It’s feminine, alluring, classy and downright stunning,” celebrity hairstylists say. Another obvious plus side is that the short haircuts are low-maintenance, and relatively easy to style.

If you’re having trouble settling on a haircut or hairstyle, why not get some inspiration from some of Hollywood’s finest? Next time you head to an Aveda salon or spa, consider channeling some of the hottest looks in Hollywood like loose, side-swept waves or trendy and daring pixie cuts.

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