Namaste’s Artisan Barber Shop, Capitol Hill

An “Aveda Concept Barber Shop” our “little shop on Capitol Hill” is the first Aveda Concept Barbershop in Denver. It boasts a diminutive size: At just 500 square feet, Namaste’s Artisan Barbershop is home to Old School Barbers who provide Current Men’s Grooming Techniques including Haircut Fades, Razor Fades, outstanding Clipper Work along with Shaves and Barber Style Men’s Facials: All to honored our valued guests.

The 9th Avenue and Corona space continues a four-decade tradition as an urban neighborhood gathering place, evolved from its early use as a “unisex” barbershop in the mid 70’s, to Namaste an Aveda Concept Salon until 2015 and full circle into today’s Namaste’s Artisan Barbershop. Now adjacent to Namaste an Aveda Concept Salon.

Join us for a men’s haircut and barber shave, then kick back join the conversation and have a Corona Beer, a cup of Pablo’s Coffee or Aveda’s Comforting Tea. On us, of course.

Still a neighborhood gathering place, four decades strong.

Barber Shop Services

Razor Line Ups$8.00
Shave$22 + $5.00 against the grain
Artisan Shave$45.00
Mustache Trim$5 / $10
Beard/Goatee$8.00 / $18
Head Shave$25.00
Artisan Head Shave$45.00
Scalp Massage$8.00 mini
$30 Artisan Now Services
Facial$10.00 mini
$30 Artisan Now Services
Razor Skin Fade$30.00 Neck and perimeter clean-up with razor is included with every cut.


Barber Shop Hours of Operation


Hair Salon Address

Namaste’s Artisan Barber Shop, Capitol Hill
1019 East 9th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218