Welcome to Ask Lord Jagannath

I heard the story of Jagannath years ago, and believed it was an easy fit for the philosophies I want my business and its people to embrace. I’m sure that each time I re-tell it, there’s a slight variation from the time before. I’m not intending this to be a textbook teaching of the Hindu way, but rather my own interpretation that has evolved as I apply it to my life. I hope you take it in that same spirit. Here is the story of Jagannath:

There once was a prince who sought to hire an artist to carve a sculpture of the deity Lord Krishna. He searched the land and found an artist who created beautiful work. This artist agreed to carve the deity for the prince under two conditions: the prince had to give him a room in the castle to work in and the prince had to promise not to interrupt the work under any circumstances. The prince agreed to these terms and the sculptor sequestered himself in his private room in the castle and began to work.

For three weeks, the prince and others in the castle heard the noises of the sculptor at his craft. Suddenly, the noises came to a stop. The prince assumed that the carving was complete and waited patiently for the sculptor to come out of the room. After months of silence, the prince finally gave in and decided to check on the sculptor. The prince entered the room and saw the artist carving, but when the artist realized the prince’s presence, he vanished, leaving three statues in the middle of the room. One of these statues was the Jagannath – one of a trinity which depicts all that Krishna represents. The Lord Krishna then manifested himself in these statues and forgave the prince for breaking his promise and entering the room. Krishna told the prince not to feel guilty about interrupting the artist because the statues (and the Krishna) are always perfect – no matter what stage they are in.

This philosophy of perfection at every stage is something we at Namaste strive to constantly remember and embrace. We apply it to our new stylists as they learn the trade, to our clients who need to feel renewed and to all of our guests and staff. Our aim is to give everyone the outer confidence to embrace this philosophy internally: in each moment, everyone is accepted; everyone is growing; everyone is perfect. When you believe that, you will feel a love for yourself and for others that is contagious and uplifting.